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Ryan McGinness, Art History Is Not Linear, 2009 Ryan McGinness, Art History Is Not Linear, 2009

Ryan McGinness, Art History Is Not Linear, 2009

We love this poster. It's gorgeous. Of the various printed matter editions we published with McGinness, this is probably our favorite poster. Clean, graphic, looks great floating in a simple square white or black frame. And at 39 x 27 inches, big enough to take a full wall or a centerpiece in a room. Printed on extra thick paper - very substantial. It's awesome. The story behind this one is interesting.

So we used to try to publish the official exhibition poster for artists we worked with whenever they had a museum exhibition. We would give an allotment to the museum for free and we would release them on our website for free. We would only change for handling and the cost of the special large tubes (so about $9). And that is what we're doing today. Super accessibly priced for a wall sized, frame quality piece. Just pay the shipping and handling! Merry Xmas!

This poster was published to commemorate McGinness' 2009 exhibition Art History Is Not Linear at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. McGinness made his signature iconographic drawings from artworks in the permanent collection of the museum. These icon drawings are depicted on the left side of the poster. On the right is an explanation and a key that lists each specific artwork from the museum's collection. The final product was a large painting installation where McGinness remixed and mashed up all these iconographic drawings in his signature painting style. The painting installation became part of the museum's permanent collection. Awesome concept. Enjoy!

Ryan McGinness
Art History Is Not Linear, 2009
Offset printed poster
39 x 27 inches
Published by Iconoclast Editions

Iconoclast Editions
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