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Phil Frost, "Phil Frost"

Part of a whole gang of street artists - from Barry McGee to Swoon - who have broken into the art world in the last decade or so, Phil Frost's signature style if a funky tribalism - Hawaii by way of New York City - infused with a quirky sense of art history and design. In the 1990s, Frost honed his skills by painting walls, found objects and street detritus with his intricate, compulsive and highly evolved form of tagging. 

He crafts his painstaking paintings by collaging layer of found imagery on grounds of symmetrical patterning, which he paints with correction fluid, and that often morph into language - like glyphs or symbols. Frost states, "I believe [my work] is indigenous to myself. I believe that within every person there is an indigenous expression of themselves." Including an essay by curator, art critic and writer, Carlo McCormick, and notorious lowbrow artist, Pushead, this is Frost's first monograph and an invaluable introduction to the evolution of his style.

Hardcover : 162 pages : Published by Damiani (2008)