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Beautiful Losers (Limited Edition Hard Cover), 2005 Beautiful Losers (Limited Edition Hard Cover), 2005

Beautiful Losers (Limited Edition Hard Cover), 2005

This is the limited edition hard cover version of the book. Edition of only 500. These were never released publicly or made available. The idea when we were doing the second edition (soft cover) was to do a small limited run of a hard cover version. The first edition was only published in hard cover. But with the second edition, we expanded the book by about 32 pages and included installation images of the show as well as some interviews - and we wanted a hard cover version of the expanded edition. This is a VERY physically substantial book; bigger and heavier than the others.

In our opinion this is the best version of the book. It is the biggest physically - a very substantial feeling book in weight etc. Cover wraps over gold foil stamped on red linen hard cover. See additional images. Beat up copies of the soft cover are now going to $100-500 out there (depending on condition). We want to keep these accessible and get them into the hands of as many people as possible who want them. They've been in storage too long! Time to get out in the world finally. So we are releasing them at the price we intended to sell them for back in 2005 ($75). THIS IS THE ORIGINAL 2005 PRICE.

We hope they remain available for everyone who wants one and hopefully remain available up until the holidays.

Beautiful Losers, 2004-2009
Hard cover exhibition catalog
11 x 8.5 inches
Hard cover second edition of 500
Published by Iconoclast Editions

Iconoclast Editions
Beautiful Losers Archive

We are still fulfilling the orders for the sold out softcover books. As we stated before, if after we've fulfilled all the orders and there are any remaining, we will announce it and make them available. But to be clear, IF we do have any remaining, it will be a small number.

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