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Flavio Somelo, "Skate Arte" - Jonathan LeVine Gallery - 2 Flavio Somelo, "Skate Arte" - Jonathan LeVine Gallery - 1

Flavio Somelo, "Skate Arte"

Skate Arte, is Flavio Samelo’s personal journal documenting his last fifteen years of life and experiences throughout Brazil. As a writer and artist he combines photography, graffiti, printmaking, and a passion for music to create a visual narrative of Brazilian street culture. 
Carefully bound in 2006, Skate Arte was designed and printed by Flavio Samelo in Brazil. Each page captures colorful, collaged photos of friends and family, art instillation, skateboarding, travel, and daily life, all enhanced with inspirational song lyrics. Skate Arte was a personal project for Flavio who never thought he would be able to live and work in the arts as successfully as he has. Samelo’s philosophy: “Acreditar em seus sonhos é acreditar em você” (Believe in your dreams, and you will believe in yourself.) To learn more about Flavio Samelo and his other projects, including commissions for Nike, please visit www.flaviosamelo.com or flaviosamelo@gmail.com

Only 30 of 2000 printed copies of the 120 page, full-color, hardcover book are for sale and are only available through Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Each edition is signed and numbered by the artist.